Some common pitfalls regarding the usage and compilation of M.E.S.S. are collected here.

Software interdependence

M.E.S.S. relies on a number of other software packages that you may have preinstalled on your system. If you face strange error messages when running make test this is often caused by improper BLAS usage. Make absolutely sure that all packages you are using have been compiled using the same BLAS implementation. If you are unsure about this check the M.E.S.S. documentation for the build option pulling in all dependencies and building them from scratch.

OpenBLAS on Ubuntu

The OpenBLAS library supplied in the standard Ubuntu repositories is compiled using the USE_OPENMP=0 setting. If you see SEGFAULT}}s in a couple of tests try running {{{OMP_NUM_THREADS=1 make test. If this is showing no error you likely have a version with this setting. Either switch to a different BLAS (note the above section on dependencies) or recompile OpenBLAS with OpenMP support.

Blas on MacOS X

It seems that ATLAS from MacPorts? does not work well and some tests fail. A workaround is to compile CMESS using the Accelerate Framekwork. This is forced using -DBLA_VENDOR=Apple during the configuration step.